A message from the Vocation Director:

Have you ever considered the priesthood?  Has someone invited you to think about it?

In every age, Christ has been calling men to serve as his “fishers of men.”  As secular men and women grow increasingly disoriented without recognizing the presence of God in their lives, heroic and generous young men are needed to proclaim Christ’s message of salvation.  The need to hear the Gospel is greater than ever.

Catholic priests are invited into the most important areas of peoples’ lives.  Whether it involves the joy of baptizing a new baby, witnessing the vows at a couples’ wedding, assisting someone in their grief, or presiding at the funeral of a deceased loved one, priests are invited into the depths of the lives of those whom they serve.

Every day is different as priests minister to all different age groups.  Yet the outline of the day remains the same as priests stay rooted in daily prayer, celebrate the Holy Eucharist, live in people’s joys, and strengthening the faith of those around them.

If you’re considering the call of Christ to serve as one of his ordained priests, do not be afraid!  Embark on the adventure to be a herald of the Lord’s message of hope and eternal life.

Let’s talk!  I am happy to assist you in your vocational discernment and answer any of your questions regarding the application and admissions process to the Diocese of Sioux City.


Fr. Shane Deman, Director of Vocations


A Priest’s Testimony

As a boy, I never really considered the idea of a vocation to the priesthood.  Growing up, I wanted to do a number of different things.  But, along the way, God has something else in mind.

My freshmen year at the University of Nebraska was the first time I was ever truly on my own in life.  So, naturally, I turned to the one place where I would always be at home—the Catholic Church.  I became involved in a number of different groups, ministries, and activities at the Newman Center, figuring that this was just a nice way to meet people, especially girls!  But in the midst of this searching for a potential wife, God began tugging on my heart.  At first it was a little nudge, and by the end of my sophomore year, he was practically dragging me into seminary.

Seminary life itself was amazing!  We did what you would expect—prayer, study, and daily Mass.  But we also formed lifelong friendships and a deep brotherhood through mission trips, ski trips, intramural sports, and other events.  In short, we were regular college students who just happened to be studying to become priests.

Now, I’m four years into the priesthood and I love it!  I’ve found that the priesthood is not only what God wanted me to do with my life, but it was also what I desired for my life in the very depth of my heart.  Are there hard days?  Of course!  But the joy of seeing other people encounter Jesus Christ makes it all worthwhile.  I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather do with my life!

Fr. Patrick Behm
-Native of Storm Lake, IA