Vicar General


Very Rev. Msgr. Kevin C. McCoy, V.G.
Vicar General
Holy Trinity Parish
2220 4th Ave. North
Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501-3560
Office: 515-955-6077

Very Rev. Brad Pelzel, V.G.
Vicar General–Moderator of the Curia
Central Catholic Offices
1821 Jackson Street
Sioux City, IA 51102
Office: 712-233-7522

The Vicar General aids the Bishop in the governance of the diocese. He has the same executive authority as the Bishop with the exception of any powers the Bishop may have reserved to himself or which the law of the Church requires a special mandate from the Bishop. In the overall functioning of the diocese the Vicar General acts as a kind of Chief Operating Officer. In the Diocese of Sioux City he assists the Bishop in the conferral of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The Vicar General supervises or overseas the following Departments/Ministries/Services:

  • Clergy Services
  • Deans/Deaneries
  • Diocesan Resolutions & New Parish Directors Resolutions
  • Diocesan Tribunal (all cases should be directed to the Office of Tribunal)
  • Papal Blessings
  • Pastoral Planning
  • Provides Testimonials of Suitability for diocesan priests
  • Reviews Testimonials of Suitability/Grants Faculties for visiting priests, deacons, religious & laity
  • Safe Environment
  • Society for the Propagation of the Faith/Holy Childhood Society (Co-Director)

The Vicar General serves on the following Boards:

  • Catholic School Foundation
  • College of Consulters
  • Diocesan Finance Council
  • Diocesan Review Board
  • Msgr. Lafferty Tuition Foundation Governing Board
  • Presbyteral Council
  • Priests Pension Board
  • Priests Personnel Board
  • St. Joseph Education Society
  • The Catholic Globe Advisory Board

Office of the Vicar General
P.O. Box 3379
Sioux City, Iowa 51102-3379
Grace Zavala, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (712) 233-7551
Fax: (712) 233-7598

Visiting Priests, Deacons, Laity and Religious

This is a reminder to all priests and deacons that, if you intend to invite into your parish a priest, deacon, a member of a religious community or a lay person as speaker or preacher or presider and lives outside the Diocese of Sioux City, we must first of all receive a “letter of suitability or good standing” from their diocesan or religious superior and approved by the Office of the Vicar General.

The same requirement applies to anyone intended for similar purposes for all Hispanic conferences retreats, and workshops.

We also recommend you request this “letter of suitability” from a priest that makes an unexpected visit to your parish.

Please see the forms listed below.

If you have questions as to whether or not this policy applies in a particular instance, or if you need assistance in abiding by this policy, please contact Grace Zavala at (712) 233-7551 or via email,

All letters of suitability or good standing must be approved by the Office of the Vicar General prior to a visit.

Thank you.

Testimonial of Suitability Temporary Ministry of Religious and Laity

Testimonial of Suitability Temporary Ministry for Priests and Deacons

Testimoni o de Aptitud Ministro Terporero de Caicos y Religiosas(as)

Testimoni o de Aptitud Ministro Terporero de Sacerdotes y Diaconos

Northeast Deanery Report Form

Northwest Deanery Report Form

Southeast Deanery Report Form

Southwest Deanery Report Form