St. Joe Ed Society

Letter from Bishop Nickless on annual collection to be held November 4/5

The St. Joseph’s Education Society is a fund of the Diocese of Sioux City that provides for the education of our seminarians, and the continuing formation of all our clergy. As most of you know, higher education is expensive. Our current seminarians are devout and holy men, and I am greatly encouraged every time I have the chance to be with them, because I know that they will serve our diocese very well, in the future. We need more such seminarians, and we need more support for their priestly formation, so that the Church will always grow and thrive here in Iowa. Quality and timely speakers for retreats, clergy days of reflection, and other programs of formation can also be somewhat costly. We all rely on the priests and deacons assigned to our parishes. We need them to be well-formed, so that their devotion to the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ will bear good fruit in you, the faithful, whom they serve. We all benefit from the opportunities the Diocese strives to offer them, to grow in their own formation, in order to serve you better. Next weekend, at all Masses for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, November 5 and 6, we will take up the special collection for this St. Joseph’s Education fund. This is an annual collection, because our needs for seminarian and clergy formation continue every year. Please consider prayerfully your contribution to this important collection. Most especially, I ask you to continue to pray for all our current and future priests and deacons. May God bless you for your devotion and generosity.

Your brother in Christ,
Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Bishop of Sioux City

“Dear Friends,

The Saint Joseph Education Society has been supporting the education of clergy in our diocese for more than 50 years. The effective training of priests, deacons and seminarians is very important so that parish communities can effectively understand the Word of God and the teachings of His Church. Thank you for your generous support of this organization.”

Bishop R. Walker Nickless

“Thanks to the Saint Joseph Education Society I was able to receive valuable formation in preparation for priestly ministry in the Diocese of Sioux City”

Fr. David Esquiliano – St. Thomas Parish, Manson, St. Mary Parish, Pomeroy, and St. Francis, Rockwell City

Priests – Continuing education is vital for our priests to succeed in their ministry to serve the people of God’s Church.
Many priests sharpen their ministerial skills by participating in conferences, convocations, language study, extended retreats, sabbaticals and many more.

Deacons – Parish Deacons undertake comprehensive theological training to effectively impart God’s word.
Prior to ordination, deacon candidates undertake a five-year training program of class work and practicums to prepare them for ministry in the parish.

Your contribution provides for the education of clergy solely within the Diocese of Sioux City! Your prayerful consideration of a gift will sustain this fund for future clergy!

Collection for the SJES is November 4th & 5th, 2017! Please prayerfully consider a generous gift!

Contribute a generous gift!

Average Cost to Educate a Priest
Tuition, Room & Board and other
expenses per year: $40,000
Years of study required: x 8
Total Cost: $320,000

Average Annual Costs of Clergy Education
Deacons $112,000
Priests $85,000
Seminarians $620,000