Retired and Infirmed Priests Collection

April 20-21, 2019

100% of the funds raised through this collection stay in the Diocese of Sioux City

Money from the Retired and Infirm Priests Collection provides for the long-term funding needed by the welfare fund, to enhance the monthly benefits to our retired priests in perpetuity and to assist in the special health care needs of the infirm and retired priests of our diocese.

They are the ones who have…                                                                    

† baptized our children
† married our adult children
† given the sacraments to our children
† forgiven our sins
† challenged us to live the Gospel
† been at the bedside of the dying in the middle of the night
† are at the altar every Sunday to bring us Jesus

Now it is our turn to say…

“Thank you”

† Please consider a generous gift to the Retired and Infirm Priests collect