Newman Connection

Studies have shown that up to 70% of young Catholics leave the faith in college. This may be overwhelming, but it is certainly not hopeless! Studies have confirmed that college graduates who had been active in Campus Ministry were more likely to attend Mass, to volunteer for leadership roles in parishes, and to consider a religious vocation. The Newman Connection has developed a High School Outreach program to connect incoming college freshmen with the Catholic presence on or near their campus.

The Diocese of Sioux City has partnered with Newman Connection’s High School Outreach program! Do you know a graduating senior who would like to sign up? Would you like to connect with a local parish contact? Create an account by clicking here!

In addition to their High School Outreach program, Newman Connection works with established Newman Centers to facilitate the continued development of these Centers on campuses nationally especially those who wish to expand and develop the scope of their ministry. They develop resources to help students and Catholics everywhere receive meaningful formation and chaplaincy, and have created a structure of communication, support and encouragement for all individuals looking to strengthen their faith and become aware of the work of Newman Centers throughout the United States.

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Kara Kardell
Assistant Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry