New Evangelization Grant

New Evangelization Grant

The purpose of the New Evangelization Fund of the Diocese of Sioux City is to offer parishes funds to assist in the financing of Catholic parish based catechesis and evangelization programs and materials (including but not limited to religious education, youth and young adult ministry, and Totus Tuus program) within the Diocese of Sioux City.

Grant Use

While this funding is available through the Diocesan Offices, parishes are also expected to contribute toward the total cost of the programs and materials. Grants are available for any parish based catechesis and evangelization programs, such as, but not limited to, textbooks, DVDs, materials, technology, speaker fees, and packaged programs. Typically, up to one-half of the total cost will be considered for financial assistance, but the review committee reserves the right to offer a full funding for any particular program or materials. The grant will not fund any items that have already been purchased or ordered.

Grant Eligibility

To be eligible for the New Evangelization Grant, the applicant must be a parish representative such as a priest, deacon, or parish employee and the funds sought must be directly at the service to the parishes within the Diocese of Sioux City. Applicants applying for the grant must have a plan of financial sustainability for the ongoing maintenance of program developed.

Apply for the Grant

Funds for the New Evangelization Grant are limited. If you have been awarded funds and decide not to utilize them for the intended purpose, please notify the Diocesan Offices immediately so that the funds may be redistributed. A detailed description of the grant request including the total costs of the program must be included with the application. After the grant has been awarded, a copy of an invoice, contract, or proof of purchase must be submitted to the Chancery Offices in order for the parish to receive reimbursement. If the grant was not used for its intended purpose, the parish grant recipient is responsible for full reimbursement. The maximum a parish seeking funding can receive per one year is $3000.

Responsibility for the allocation of funds and the ongoing evaluation of recipients will rest with the Diocesan Office of New Evangelization, in consultation with the Bishop. Persons will receive written notification following the Diocesan Office review.

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