Natural Family Planning

Advantages of Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning strengthens marriages by developing communication skills and shared responsibility between spouses.

NFP is completely natural and organic.

NFP is a model and means to transmit values and ideals about sexuality within marriage to our children.
No chemicals or devices enter the body.

There are NO medical side effects.

NFP is effective for couples:

  • Throughout their fertile years
  • With regular or irregular cycles
  • In transition from contraceptives
  • Through peri-menopause
  • NFP is morally acceptable to all faiths
  • Is 99% effective when used to prevent or postpone pregnancy by an instructed and motivated couple

Natural Family Planning is a means of either achieving or avoiding pregnancy based upon the couple’s knowledge of their cyclic fertility and infertility.[/vc_column_text]

The Billings Ovulation Method manages fertility:

  • taught by an accredited teacher
  • in a scientifically and entirely natural way
  • either to postpone or achieve pregnancy
  • instructing four commonsense guidelines used in nearly every situation: irregular cycles, pre-menopause, recovery from emotional and physical stress, breastfeeding and coming off contraceptive medication
  • providing patterns of hormones on a simple daily record in a simple, non-invasive way
  • by treating infertility and aiding couples to conceive naturally

Local Billings Ovulation Method Instructors:

Fort Dodge, IA
Paul and Kasey Hunt
(515) 570-7817

Click here for more information about the World Organization Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB).

Online classes available:

The Couple to Couple League provides instruction in the Sympto-thermal method which includes:

  • a certified volunteer teaching couple
  • instruction to both the husband and wife
  • a basic course of 3 classes in monthly intervals
  • leaning to identify the woman’s fertility signs: mucus, the cervix and basal body temperature
  • understanding responsible parenthood, the discernment to achieve or avoid pregnancy
  • discusses the value of exclusive breastfeeding
  • supplemental courses on the return of fertility after childbirth and pre-menopausal fertility

Visit the website to register for a class near you or via online at

Local Couple-To-Couple Instructors:

Adrian and Martha Paz
(712) 263-5313
Classes available in Spanish

Jorge and Santa Fernandez
(712) 255-1637 ext. 54
Classes available in Spanish

David and Alicia Schonhardt
(712) 477-2127

Creighton Model Fertility Care System

  • trained practitioners of Creighton University’s Pope Paul VI Institute and are certified by the American Academy of NFP
  • external observation of cervical mucus
  • applying the instructions, a couple determines when they are fertile and infertile


  • Standardized and objective
  • Professional
  • Easy to learn Medically safe
  • Personalized Reliable
  • Shared Inexpensive
  • Monitors and maintains a woman’s health
  • Versatile (usable at any stage of a woman’s reproductive life; regular and irregular cycles, breastfeeding)
  • Precise (identifies true days of fertility and infertility)
  • Morally acceptable

Local Instructors For the Creighton Model Fertility Care System:

Akron Mercy Clinic
Dr. Allison H. Schoenfelder, MD
Intern Medical Consultant and Fertility Care Practitioner
(712) 568-2411

Becky Behrens, RN – CFCP
(712) 669-3510
Introduction sessions are scheduled bi-monthly or are available by appointment.

Colleen Hart, CFCP
(712) 852-31498
Introduction sessions are available by appointment.

Orange City Fertility Care Center
Harrison Hanson, M.D. NFPMC
Medical Consultant
(712) 737-2000

Kari M. Beadner, FCP
(530) 638-5229
Introduction sessions available

Kajda Downs
Orange City, IA

Siouxland Medical Education Foundation
Dr. Stephen Pallone, MD – Medical Consultant
2501 Pierce Street
Sioux City, IA 51104
(712) 294-5000

Mercy Fertility Care Services
Lisa Willis, RN-CFCP – Director

Liz Kluver, CFCP
(712) 363-2101
Introduction sessions are available by appointment.

Maria Preciado, CFCP
(402) 917-4837
Spanish speaking only introduction sessions are available by appointment.

Creighton Model—National Contacts
St. Rita’s Fertility Center
Marie Ann Jacques, FCPI
Creighton Model Fertility Care Practitioner Intern
(413) 244-9379
Online Skype sessions available