A message to Catholics in the Diocese of Sioux City

The following is a list of 28 priests from the Diocese of Sioux City who have been credibly accused of the sexual abuse of minors. The list originally contained 29 names; however, the diocese received notification that one of the priests has appealed to Rome, and therefore his information is being withheld pending resolution. The first credible allegation dates back to an incident in 1948 and the last in 1995.

The main purpose for releasing the list is to assure victims the diocese believes them and cares for them. We hope it ushers in in a new chapter in the diocese, in which we commit to a future of trust, openness and accountability. We also hope it reassures the people and clergy of the diocese, and all people of good will, that just as crimes against children were abuse of power, the Diocese of Sioux City intends to do everything in its power to support and help victims and prevent abuse from happening in the future.

As you review the list, it is important to remember the accusations, while considered credible, are not the equivalent of conviction in a court of law. The review board considered any objective information that was available, including consistency of the testimony of witnesses, accuracy of the details, such as the placement of the accused at the time the allegation is said to have taken place and physical evidence. In addition, the board considered other corroborating evidence from files or other possible witnesses. Many of the accused priests are deceased and cannot defend themselves.

Priest files from 1902 up until today have been reviewed. For perspective, the first credible accusation is reported to have occurred in 1948 and the latest in 1995. An estimated 515 priests have worked in the diocese since it was established. Additional names will be added to the list as other victims come forward, and the Diocesan Review Board determines the allegations are credible.

We ask and encourage victims to step forward. If you, or someone you know, have been sexually abused by a priest or clergy member in our diocese, please contact our Victim Assistance Coordinator at 1-866-435-4397 or 712-279- 5610.

Our hope and prayer is the release of this list helps us to begin healing together.


Diocese of Sioux City List of Credibly Accused Priests

Press Conference 2/25/2019

A Message From Bishop Nickless