Curriculum Guidelines

Religious Education Curriculum Guidelines

When creating this curriculum we envisioned providing parishes with a resource that they could use to help gauge what their students should be learning each year. First of all, we wanted to provide a list of objectives that catechists can use to know “what” their students should be learning. We are also very aware that most catechists are not teachers by trade and may struggle with knowing what is developmentally appropriate behavior and expectations for students of varying grade levels, that’s why we have chosen to provide this information in the Catechist Information pages. Lastly, we wanted to provide resources to encourage parents and the parish to work together to further the faith development of youth, that’s why we have provided the Parent’s Pages to help teach their children the faith at home. We believe that these resources will be successful in helping provide parishes with guidance, while also allowing them flexibility in their programs.

If you are at all worried that these guidelines will not fit in with your current textbook series, please contact the Office of Evangelization and we will help you.

Please Note: Sacramental Prep Guidelines are currently in development, so you will notice that Second Grade is missing from this list. If you would like some guidance on what to do in the mean time, contact Fred Shellabarger, Director of Evangelization, Catechesis & Family Life at or (712)233-7532.

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