Bishop’s Circle

“We joined the Bishop’s Circle to support the important work of the Catholic Church. We read Bishop Nickless’ pastoral letter and believe in the priorities he has set for our Diocese. We strongly believe this is money well invested.”

Paul and Alice Neppel, Members since 2009


Why was the Bishop’s Circle created?
One challenge the Diocese of Sioux City faces on an annual basis is the scarcity of resources for the ministries provided we provide to our parishes.  The goal in establishing the Bishop’s Circle was to reduce our reliance on parish funding.  Bishop Nickless didn’t want to increase the Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA) goal to further stress parishes, so he created the Bishop’s Circle to help support the work of the Chancery.

What ministries are supported by my membership dollars?

  • Office of Education
  • Adult and Family Ministries
  • Parish Accounting Services
  • Stewardship, Communication and Marketing
  • Special Ministries
  • Religious Education Programs
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • Office of Archives and Records
  • Diocesan Tribunal
  • Office of Risk Management
  • Media Center
  • Human Development / Multicultural Ministries
  • Finance Office
  • Office of Personal and Benefits
  • Office of Liturgy and Worship
  • Office of Vocations

How is the Diocese of Sioux City funded?
There are only three basic funding sources that currently support our ministries: Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA), Cathedraticum (an assessment for each parish) and investment income.  

Are there meetings I have to attend as a Bishop’s Circle Member or other benefits?
No, there are no meetings.  There is one annual membership gathering typically at Bishop Nickless’ home.

In addition to the spiritual benefits of giving, membership includes these unique benefits:

  • Remembrance in a Mass celebrated by Bishop Nickless each August.
  • Appreciation get-together at Bishop Nickless’ home.
  • Special Mass intentions from Bishop Nickless for mothers and fathers of Bishop’s Circle Members.
  • Recognition in the Office of Communications & Development’s Annual Report, Donor Wall and in an Annual Appeal article featured in The Catholic Globe.

What is the goal for the Bishop’s Circle?
The 2016/17 fiscal year goal is $200,000.

Currently, how many members does the Bishop’s Circle have?
117 Members 

How can I join the Bishop’s Circle?
You can join by clicking here or by calling Kristie M. Arlt at 712-233-7513 or

What are the levels of support?

Apostle ($10,000 and above)
Disciple ($5,000 – $9,999)
Prophet ($2,500 – $4,999)
Shepherd ($1,000 – $2,499)

When does my membership expire?
You will be sent a renewal one year after joining.

“As you know, God has blessed each of us with a variety of gifts, and He calls us to share those gifts in proportion with our ability to give.  The Bishop’s Circle has been established as a way for those with greater financial abilities to share their gifts at a more substantial level. It is because of your generosity, that my staff and I are able to continue the important work of our Church. “
– The Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless

Bishop Circle Members

Donna Anderson: Aurelia, IA
Kristie Arlt: Sioux City, IA
Frank & Mary Ann Audino: Sioux City, IA
Jim & Deb Auen: Carroll, IA
Milt & Julia Avery: Sioux City, IA
John & Pat Bartholomew: Dakota Dunes, SD
Ken & Jane Beaulieu: Dakota Dunes, SD
Dan & Cris Berger: North Sioux City, SD
Richard & Jolene Billings: Sioux City, IA
Troy & Amy Bloch: South Sioux City, NE
Doug & Susan Boden: Sioux City, IA
Ron & Debbie Bond: Dakota Dunes, SD
John & Ellen Boyle: Danbury, IA
Jim Bride: Moville, IA
Bill & Diane Brown: Graettinger, IA
John & Joleen Brown: Spirit Lake, IA
Tim & Carrie Brown: Storm Lake, IA
Kevin & Jane Cain: Sheldon, IA
Tom & Sara Carlson: Humboldt, IA
Marilyn Christiansen: Dakota Dunes, SD
Dick & Pat Collins: Sioux City, IA
Rev. Shane Deman: Sioux City, IA
Dr. Mark & Renee DeMay: Sioux City, IA
Larry & Diane Donnelly: Elk Point, SD
Charles and Donna Elser: Spencer, IA
Mark & Patricia Ely: Sioux City, IA
Tom & Sue Fitzpatrick: Storm Lake, IA
Mike & Janet Flanagan: Sioux City, IA
Daniel & Roxanne Flattery: Fort Dodge, IA
Leonard Gill: Jackson, NE
Robert & Theresa Goliber: Orange City, IA
Aaron & Tricia Greteman: Algona, IA
Hubert & Virgina Hagemann: Carroll, IA
Dennis & Michelle Hardy: Churdan, IA
Dale & Margaret Heider: Humboldt, IA
Leon & Cathy Heider: Humboldt, IA
Scott & Abby Heider: Humboldt, IA
Fr. David Hemann: Sioux City, IA
Vern Henkenius: Carroll, IA
Mary Ellen Heying: Granville, IA
Mary Hildman: Sioux City, IA
Dr. Troy & Grace Ivey: Storm Lake, IA
Gary & Sharon Johnson: Spirit Lake, IA
Dr. Mike & Peggy Jung: Sioux City, IA
Charles & Kay Kellen: LeMars, IA
Joe & Liz Kellen: Alton, IA
Larry King and Dianne Binder: Spencer, IA
Mike & Jan Koenecke: Spirit Lake, IA
Randy & Pam Kramer: Sergeant Bluff, IA
Scott & Debbie Kuehl: Sioux City, IA
Steve & Shari Lensing: Spencer, IA
Ray & Carol Lenz: Carroll, IA
Charles & *Helen Lickteig: Algona, IA
Dennis & Doris Lippon: Okoboji, IA
Marian Home & Marian Village: Fort Dodge, IA
Margie Martin: Humboldt, IA
Bill* & Marge McCarten: Fort Dodge, IA
Msgr. Kevin McCoy: Fort Dodge, IA
Dr. Jerry & Sheryl McGowan: Sioux City, IA
John & Beth McGrath: Lawton, IA
Eugene Mertz: Bode, IA
Eleanore Metz*: Sioux City, IA
Geraldine Meylor: Oto, IA
Andy Milam: Humboldt, IA

Thomas & Donna Mohrhauser: Mapleton, IA
Dick & Mary Jean Montgomery: Spencer, IA
Paul & Alice Neppel: Spirit Lake, IA
Most Reverend R Walker Nickless: Sioux City, IA
Leon & Sherry Nilles: Sheldon, IA
Beth Noel: Dakota Dunes, SD
Kent & Danuta Oberg: Fort Dodge, IA
Jean & Lenore O’Neill: Spirit Lake, IA
Fr. Brad Pelzel: Sioux City, IA
Douglas & Colleen Perry: Sheldon, IA
Ginny Peterson: Dakota Dunes, SD
Dave & Terri Prenger: Carroll, IA
Mark & Dawn Prosser: Storm Lake, IA
Joe & Michelle Puetz: Sioux City, IA
Royce & Kathy Ranniger: Sioux City, IA
Dr. Richard & Regina Ratino: Sioux City, IA
Bob & Bobbi Rehal: Sioux City, IA
Howard & Barbara Reinsch: Sioux City, IA
Tom & Paula Rice: Sioux City, IA
Dr. James* & Sharon Rossiter: Sioux City, IA
Regina Roth: Dakota Dunes, SD
Fr. Dan Rupp: Sioux City, IA
Steve & Cindy Sahlfeld: South Sioux City, NE
Jim & Caroline Sands: Sioux City, IA
Dennis & Norma Schleisman: Carroll, IA
Chuck & Patricia Schmidt: Spencer, IA
Dave & Lori Schmit: Sioux City, IA
Jerry* & Norma Schmitz: Spirit Lake, IA
Fr. Merlin Schrad: Estherville, IA
Gus* & Lillian Schroeder: Wall Lake, IA
Steve & Debbie Scollard: Dakota Dunes, SD
Pat & Kim Sealey: Sioux City, IA
Dr. Ray & Susan Sherman: Dakota Dunes, SD
Dr. Jerry & Jean Shey: Algona, IA
Art & Eileen Silva: Sioux City, IA
Paul & Holly Skopec: West Okoboji, IA
Tom A. Snyder: Sheldon, IA
James & Janet Staver: Spirit Lake, IA
Dr. Richard & Barbara Staver: Spirit Lake, IA
Scott & Kathy Steffen: Boone, IA
Don & Mary Stevens: Sioux City, IA
Michael & Martha Stout: Coon Rapids, IA
Joe & Mary Straub: Whittemore, IA
Dr. Steve* & Colleen Sulsberger: Mapleton, IA
Larry & Cecelia Thelen: Vail, IA
Dr. Tom and Cindy Tiedeman: Okoboji, IA
Dale Tigges: Sioux City, IA
Jim & Toni Tschann: Dakota Dunes, SD
Brennan & Christiane Vaverek: Humboldt, IA
Cyril & Anita Venner: Arcadia, IA
John & Brenda Walsh: Spirit Lake, IA
Larry & Sharon Walsh: Sioux City, IA
Scott & Leah Ward: North Sioux City, SD
Mark & Jenny Wetz: Dakota Dunes, SD
Jim & Bev Wharton: Sioux City, IA
Albert & Dianne White: Storm Lake, IA
Jim & Peggy White: Westside, IA
Joseph White: Westside, IA
Eva Wiedemeyer: Carroll, IA
Bill & Sue Wiedemeyer: Carroll, IA
Dr. Edward Wiltgen: Dakota Dunes, SD
Tom & Sue Wind: Jamaica, IA
Dr. Paul & Carolyn Wolpert: Sioux City, IA
Dr. John & Carol Wolpert: Dakota Dunes, SD
Dr. Michael & Joanna Wolpert: Dakota Dunes, SD

“We are honored to be a part of the Bishop’s Circle.” – Leon and Cathy Heider