Basic Catechist Certification



  1. Develop the faith and knowledge of all catechists in the Diocese of Sioux City.
  2. Enhance the catechetical community throughout the Diocese of Sioux City, and in turn, strengthen catechesis on every level.
  3. Provide venues and learning opportunities in and through which the faithful of the Diocese of Sioux City may grow in faith, be strengthened in spirit, grow in community together, draw closer to Jesus Christ and go forth as missionary disciples.


What is a “Basic Catechist Certification”? And Why is it Necessary?
The Church places a great emphasis on the formation of catechists. Indeed, their proper training and ongoing formation is essential to catechesis.


Qualifications and Requirements of a Catechist
All catechists and administrators in parish catechetical programs and all Catholic school teachers and administrators are expected to complete the basic catechist certification and ongoing faith formation requirements. Those teaching in the parish catechetical programs must be approved by their pastor. Catholic school teachers and administrators must meet the local qualifications for hiring. All catechists should be practicing Catholics in good standing with the Catholic Church in that he or she believes and practices what the Catholic Church teaches and professes.


Program Completion and Renewal
Parish catechists participating in the Catechist Certification Program begin by completing the initial requirements for the Basic Certification within two years of the date of hire or start of volunteering within the parishes.


Step One: Initial Certification
Basic Catechists will be initially certified by completing the 6 Basic Catechist Workshops designed by the Diocese of Sioux City’s Office of Catechesis.

  1. Divine Revelation and the Deposit of Faith
  2. Catechesis and Catechetical Methods
  3. Creed
  4. Sacraments
  5. Christian Living
  6. Prayer


Step 2: Ongoing Formation (Renewal of Certification)
Once initial certification has been earned, it must be renewed every year. This can be done through the various ongoing formation opportunities provided by the diocese and within the local parish and/or school. For more information on approved/recommended programs or the certification itself, contact Fred Shellabarger, Director of Evangelization, Discipleship & Family Life at or (712)233-7532.


If a diocesan event will meet this requirement, this logo will appear on the marketing to make it easy to identify.

For more information, contact Fred Shellabarger, Director of Evangelization, Catechesis & Family Life at or (712)233-7532.