The Office of Archives and Records

The mission of the Archives Office is to collect, organize, preserve and make available for research the historical and vital records of the Diocese of Sioux City, as well as materials which reflect the work of the Church within the Diocese, thereby promoting an understanding of the history and heritage of the Catholic Church in northwest Iowa.

Sacramental Records
Individuals in need of a copy of their own sacramental records should first contact the parish where the sacrament took place. Please contact the parish directly. For example, sacramental records (baptism, confirmation, marriage, and burial) are restricted from public viewing until 100 years after the date of the sacrament.
Click here for a complete listing of parishes.

If you need your sacramental record from a parish that has merged or closed, click *here* for a list showing what parish maintains those records.

Genealogy and Family History Research
As stated above, sacramental records are confidential until 100 years after the date of the sacrament, with access restricted. After 100 years, many records may be available to inquirers. Genealogical queries should be submitted using the form Request for Research Information also found at the bottom of this screen. Please see our policy under Fees.

For legal purposes or inquiries about St. Monica’s Home or St. Anthony’s Orphanage, please contact the Archivist directly. Email is preferred. Adoption records are governed by the state laws of Iowa. Legal documents require a fee.

The physical sacramental registers are not available for examination in any circumstance. This protects the confidentiality and conservation of precious and often fragile records.

Normally, church records are organized by location and then chronologically. If an exact date or church is not known, detailed information such as parents’ names, birth dates of first children, address, name of the priest who performed the marriage, etc., is very helpful. For early records in Sioux City itself, if the name of the church is not known, the native language or ethnic heritage of the person sought can be helpful.

The services of the Archive are supported by the faithful of the diocese through the Diocesan Annual Appeal. Ordinary services to members of this diocese are free of charge. Out of respect for the generosity of our diocesan faithful, we ask that those outside the diocese making genealogy inquiries support the work of the Archive by including a $25 payment with each inquiry. A check or money order should be made out to: Diocese of Sioux City. Mail the payment to: Catholic Diocese of Sioux City, Attn: Archivist, PO Box 3379, Sioux City, IA 51102-3379 Please include the name of the person queried with payment. Research will begin when we receive payment.

School Records
The Office of Archives and Records does not maintain any school transcripts.  Please contact the school directly.  A complete listing of our schools can be found by clicking here.



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