Advisory Boards

Bishop: Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Vicar General: Reverend Brad Pelzel
Superintendent of Catholic Schools: Patty Lansink
Chair: Charles Kellen
Reverend Shane Deman
Liz Determan
Sue Fitzpatrick
Dan Flattery
Leon Heider
Reverend David Hemann
Josie Hough
Jim Rossiter
John Steffes

The Catholic School Foundation (CSF) of the Diocese of Sioux City provides financial and instructional support to all 16 Catholic school systems throughout Northwest Iowa. With more than 6000 students and nearly 700 teachers, administrators and staff, the CSF works diligently to ensure all schools are meeting academic standards and are fully preparing our students to become responsible future community leaders.

Catholic schools are located in Algona, Alton, Boone, Carroll, Danbury, Denison, Emmetsburg, Fort Dodge, Humboldt, Le Mars, Pocahontas, Remsen, Sheldon, Sioux City and Storm Lake.

Bishop’s Dinner For Catholic Schools
Each year, the Catholic School Foundation hosts the “Bishop’s Dinner for Catholic Schools.” This event is the single-largest fundraiser benefiting all of our schools. Attendance to the business-formal dinner usually exceeds 700+ guests and raises more than $175,000 annually. Additionally, the dinner serves as an opportunity to recognize teachers, administrators and staff members who have been nominated and selected by their peers to be recognized for either an “Excellence in Education” or “Good Shepherd” award. The funds raised at the Bishop’s Dinner are distributed back to the schools in the form of “Education Enhancement Grants” which the schools use to purchase technology, textbooks, etc. Donors can support the CSF by purchasing tickets to the dinner or through financial sponsorships. $80 of each ticket purchased is given to the school of the buyer’s choice.

Chair: Helen Lewis
Mary Dahm
Dee Haubrich
Dr. E.J. Hopkins
Carol Kelzer
Mary Mohr
Charlotte Nash
Margaret Sanders
Zelma Sholly
Ellen Streit
Wynn Touney
(Meg Bessman Quintero)

Director: Deacon David Lopez, Ph.D.
Deacon Timothy Murphy
Deacon Mark Prosser
Rev. Brent Lingle
Rev. Shane Deman
Mrs. Stormy Poss
Mrs. Jacki Goebel

Bishop: Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Superintendent of Catholic Schools: Patty Lansink
Asst. Superintendent:
President- Pete Haefs of Caroll, IA

Sharyl Bruning of Danbury, IA
Rev. Michael Cronin of Storm Lake, IA
Cindy Edge of Humboldt, IA
Mary Fischer of Sioux City, IA
Rev. Ed Girres of Algona, IA
Brad Magill of Algona, IA
Mike McGowan of Sioux City, IA
Rev. Siby Punnoose of Sheldon, IA
Sr. Ruth Schock of Sioux City, IA

Bishop: Bishop R. Walker Nickless
Vicar General: Very Reverend Brad Pelzel
Vicar General: Very Reverend Monsignor Kevin McCoy
Chairperson: Jeff Mohrhauser of Sioux City, Ia
James Cosgrove of Sioux City, Ia
Theresa Goliber of Orange City, Ia
Randy Kramer of Sergeant Bluff, Ia
Dr. Michael Jung of Sioux City, Ia
Karen Waldschmitt of Remsen, Ia
Father Roger Linnan of Sioux City, Ia
Steve Lensing of Spencer, Ia
Jim Greteman of Carroll, Ia

Director: Fr. Marvin Boes
Chairperson: Rosemary Paulsen
Vice-Chairperson: Wynn Touney
Secretary: Bernadette Rixner

Bishop: Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Vicar General & Moderator: Reverend Brad Pelzel
Legal Advisor: Michael Ellwanger
Diocesan Safe Environment Coordinator: Dan Ellis
Executive Director of Catholic Charities: Amy Bloch, LISW, CADA
Director of Development and Communications: Susan O’Brien

John Ackerman
Martha Burchard, R.N.
Joe Frisbie
Mary Hanno
Thomas Henrich, PhD
Deacon Mark Prosser
Verna Welte, R.N.

Bishop: Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Vicar General: Very Reverend Brad Pelzel
Vicar General: Very Reverend Monsignor Kevin McCoy
Superintendent: Patty Lansink
Chairperson: Matt Greteman
Jim Auen of Carroll, IA
Mark Ely of Sioux City, IA
Aaron Greteman of Algona, IA
Michael Murphy of Sheldon, IA
Richard Kneip of LeMars, IA
Sherry Nilles of Sheldon, IA
Dawn Prosser of Storm Lake, IA
Rev. Merlin Schrad of Estherville, IA
Michelle Woodruff of Fort Dodge, IA

Bishop: Bishop R. Walker Nickless
Vicar General: Very Reverend Brad Pelzel
Vicar General: Very Reverend Monsignor Kevin McCoy
Chairman: Deacon Dick Billings
Father Kevin Richter
Father Tom Topf
Father John Thomas
Father John McGuirk
Father Dan Greving
Father Don Ries
David Flattery of Fort Dodge, IA
Tom Grimsley of Sioux City, IA
Jeff Mohrhauser of Sioux City, IA
AJ Reynolds of Sioux City, IA

Rev. Patrick O’Kane
Regina Ratino
Mary Ann Reuther
Kathy Morse
Paula Templemeyer
Ann Pugh
Monica Healy
Deacon Tom Morgan
Sarah Morgan
Nancy Protexter

Bishop: Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless
Vicar General: Very Reverend Brad Pelzel
Director of Communications:
Editor: Joanne Fox
Kristie McManamy of Sioux City, Ia
Dawn Prosser of Storm Lake, Ia
Nick Hytrek of Moville, Ia
Fr. Paul Kelly of Denison, Ia